Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking On New Challenges

I have been enjoying my new job and working from home. Let me just say it is not as easy as it looked... It is hard until you get the hang of it! Selling life insurance is not very hard, but doing it over the phone is a feat. People are scammed all the time and they do not trust you. You have to build that trust and pray they have a bank account to get it all done right then and there. If not you play the calling game again which may have taken you four weeks to get a hold of that person in the first place! But I do make good money when I sell. And I just cannot beat working from home! It is great to not have my back hurt anymore from driving an hour to work each way and sitting in a desk chair for eight and a half hours or more. It is great. My stress level is done. I still stress about actually making money each day but I am getting there! It takes practice and perseverance to get to any goal.

I have started reading a new self help book called "Success Built to Last" and it has gave me some great insight. It says you have to love what you do! I do not necessarily love this job yet but I am sure the better I get at it I will love it more. I am helping people get protected against the high cost of funerals so that is a plus! I am selling piece of mind lol. Anyways, back to selling!