Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Work to do!

Well I have some serious work to do in a lot of departments!  I have now resigned from my job at the USDA-which I am VERY happy about.  I really did not enjoy that job.  It was depressing and it was eating at my personality.  If you have to be mean and firm with people all day long at work you start to be that way all day long!  I was very unhappy with the job.  And I drove an hour each way to and from work.  So my hubby and I will be saving a ton of money in that department. 

So now I am going to be selling whole life insurance from home.  That's right!  HOME.  Cannot wait to start this new adventure and maybe make a ton of cash in the process!  So stoked.  So next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I am going to train then I will be set free to call elderly peeps to sell them some insurance. 

I feel as if I will actually be helping people now.  I was 'supposed' to feel like that at the last job but I didn't feel that way.  Those people were sometimes being robbed blind and led astray.  It's terrible how those loans are supposed to government loans to help people live the American dream.  It's not a dream at all.  It is a nightmare for rural America right now and people are in desperate need of help and jobs.  They are losing their homes STILL after the recession starting in 2008.  Also, let me just give you some examples of the things I saw:  they give a 33 year loan to a 65 year old, they give loans to people who are not even offically citizens, they give $150,000 to 20 year olds.  Because they do not discriminate.  They are the government.  Well the 65 year old dies before their loan is paid off, the unofficial citizen gets deported, and the 20 year old runs out of child support after their children are 18 and cannot afford the home anymore.  And you can only imagine who pays for that crap when it falls through.  This is our government people.  It's awful.  It is happening all the time. 

Anyways!  New job, new frame of mind, new diet & exercise plan is coming.  I am going to go back on my organic perfect 10 diet and I am going to use the time that I drove to and from work to workout!  Going to do some P90X.  Because I have officially gained back everything I lost last year.  I am not very proud of that but it has to be said :(.  I cut out too many things on that yeast free diet.  It made me ill!  I got kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, and my hair fell out!!!  It's my own fault though.  I was only eating meat, veggies, nuts, and eggs.  Come to find out later I am allergic to eggs and it did not do any good to do the yeast free while eating a food I am sensitive to.  GREAT.  So this time I am not cutting out eggs and dairy right away.  But eventually I will for a few months.  Then I will try to reintroduce.  But I am almost positive I will be sensitive to milk forever.  Always been lactose intolerate...

So I have to work on getting my new profession down, sticking to a diet, and exercising from now on!  It's not going to be easy but I have to do something.  I am totally chubbo again lol.  But totally excited about my new freedom!