Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Monday, January 10, 2011

Us vs. Infertility

Well it's the New Year :).  Hopefully it will top last year!  I have gotten back on my diet as 1/3/11 and I have been going strong except for the occasional soda when I am sleepy.  No dairy or eggs either :).  I have been taking my new probiotics and they are working pretty far so good.  I have been taking a ton of vitamin c because I am fighting a cold. 

I have been having pains in my ovaries so I went to the doctor the last week of December.  He said to get an ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts.  I had the ultrasound Thursday and got my results today...completely normal lol.  Well that didn't help my pain or infertility any...what a waste of a near bladder explosion hehe! 

In other news I have been busy getting the bathroom stuff together to get my bathroom done.  How exciting :).  I can't wait to have a mold-free bathroom!  The old lady who lived here before us didn't clean very well and I am still unable to get it off!  Yuck!  I had to special order my bathtub because we have a tiny bathroom.  Normal tubs are 60 inches...ours is only 54 inches.  Good thing I am short!  I am hoping the tub comes in before the weekend.  I put my home repairs on a time budget with a Pampered Chef party 1/30.  I will be cutting it close but I am so ready to have a normal clean house :).  I have been here almost 2 years in April!  Wow I am behind schedule.  Then we still have to do the upstairs :(.  Ugh it never ends! 

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