Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I fought that cold off that week that I blogged...but Phoenix came to visit again and I did end up with it!! Ugh full force cold.  It was awful.  Thank God for the snow day Thursday because I was pretty bad!  Friday I did go into work only because I felt so bad about not working...I didn't work the Friday before because of stomach issues, Monday was a holiday, Tuesday I had already requested off, and then the snow day Thursday.  I ended up going home early Friday so the total hours worked last week was 12.75...pretty sad!  But I did get a lot accomplished on my house well--maybe Rob did all of it & I just did a little painting & cleaning up after him.  But it looks so great!!!  I will post pics soon.  Everything is on schedule for the Pampered Chef party for Sunday just have to work my butt off on Saturday to get all the last minute painting done.  I am excited to get it ALL done and take some really great pics. 

I swear I have the most random crazy things happen to me all the time!  So Thursday night was like the coldest night of the year!  The low was 2 degrees.  I was feeling a lil chilly so I went to go turn up the heat on my digital theromstat.  Apparently I had some static in my finger and ended up frying my digital screen!  Who does that happen to?  So silly!  So my lifesaver & neighborhood handyman cousin Rob had to save the day after he got back from his hockey game at 1:30 am!  Thank God for my infarred heater or else I would have been sleeping at Mom's.  I piled on the blankents!  Rob said it got down to 50 something in the house by the time he got there to replace my thermostat.  Now I have a non-digital thermostat so I cannot fry it with my static charged finger lol. 

Ok I got off subject!  The cold ended up turning into a sinus infection and I decided to go to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic to get some suggestions as to how to clear it up.  I told the nurse practitioner my issue with antibiotics & how I wished to steer clear of them.  She suggested netti pots (spelling??) to push fluid through your sinuses & clean it out.  I got the Walgreen's brand and I really like it.  It's a pretty weird feeling but I feel better after using it.  The NP also suggested mucinex, sudafed, & flonase which I taking.  She said the cold could have been caused from an allergen and the flonase would help.  The allergen is probably all the dust & mold from my home remodeling projects!  It's pretty disgusting what you find under 30 year old walls.  Yucky stuff.  So anyways I am antibiotic free and almost sinus infection free!  Hopefully everyone knows the dangers of taking too many antibiotics from my story!  I am seriously ill all the time: tired, stomach problems, headaches, sinus problems, allergies, dry eyes, dry skin, etc...the list goes on people.  Be careful and know that doctors that are pill-pushers could be getting incentives from the drug companies and only prescribe something to get the incentives.  Even though it is illegal you know that it still happens.  Do not be naive people!  Be careful what you put in your body and expose yourself to.  It all has an affect and it all adds up in the end.  Stay healthy!!!

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