Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Friday, August 5, 2011


Yup it's 4 am and I'm awake! It feels kinda eerie! Like when I was awake all night when hunter passed! Mom got me all freaked out because she called me and said, "Did you hear the explosion?". And I was of course sleeping so no! She said the red barn at the bottom of the hill exploded! She's like you can feel the heat & see the light from your house. I did hear an explosion after she called. And I saw the light from my house. Dad's combine is gone :(. How very sad :(. He only got to use it one season I believe. He just got it last year in august. We were at the state fair and he couldn't stand it that they were delivering his combine and we weren't home lol. So pray the insurance company covers everything! Hopefully it wasn't arson! I would be very upset! I still keep hearing the sirens go off! It's bad! I pray the firefighters get it under control. There are a ton of other bales around there to catch fire! And mom said the heat is really bad. Hopefully it won't destroy other things like the siding on my parent's house. How crazy! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Job Search

Well I have 3 interviews tomorrow!  Hopefully I find something.  I like this job I am doing now but the income is just not there...  We are struggling!  So I am praying something turns out.  Without anymore overhead because I cannot afford it. 

I also found another job to do from home called AmeriPlan.  It's a medical discount plan.  So I signed up and we kinda sorta have health insurance now!  That is exciting!  So I will be trying to sell these plans now.  I hope I get to help people.  And make some extra money!  :)  If you are interested in any of those plans you can visit my website:  or if you are interested in doing it for extra money:

I am bummed that I could not make it to the Timeless Keepsakes meeting tonight, again.  Last meeting was the day that Hunter passed so that was a good reason.  This time it's because we have Phoenix and Lucas had to leave for work for 8:30 because he is working midnights.  I am going to stop by there after my first interview tomorrow though because it's in Chesterfield.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Happy 28th Birthday to my wonderful husband! I hope he knows how much I love him!

This pic is from one of our first dates Halloween 2008!  He was a crazy nut then and still is today!  ;)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Final Expenses Insurance

Only the good Lord knows when it's your time and your family needs to be protected from the high cost of funerals! "I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord" Jeremiah 29:11. Please call or email me your name and phone number now to get your no obligation quote! or (636) 285-1107

Friday, July 15, 2011


So this summer has been different than any other in the fact that I am working from home for the first time ever so I have the opportunity to keep our stepson more! I am learning that I do love to be a mom and I seriously can't wait to be one! I hope it happens soon. Mom thinks it will now because it was Hunter's time before. I sure hope so! I am a little more skeptical because I think we are going to need fertility drugs or something.

My stepson Phoenix is a rambunctious, loving kid who eats every 10 minutes lol. He has been staying with us about every other week which is probably enough for both of us lol. He has to stay at the house with me while Lucas works and of course I have to work also. So we really don't get out much--all video games and movies all the time! Woohoo lol. He sure loves the puppies and likes to drive them batty I think, hehe. But they love to play with him!

I sure do love my dogs too and I don't know what I would do without them some days! They help me keep my sanity some days! The wiener dog is a cuddly pup. My previous seiner cuddled between my legs at night...this one cuddles right by my chest and head on my right side. I love it :) especially when my hubby is working out of town. Chester is getting better at the cuddle thing. He was an outside dog for like 3 years so he was detached for a while. He loves being an inside pup now! He is spoiled!

Anyways, my job is not going as well as I planned so I may be looking for a new venture. My dream is to be a business owner! There is an opportunity right now but I do not have a million and a half dollars to buy it lol. Oh well someday I will get there! I may just start with my quilt/scrapbooking shop soon! A girl can always dream!

Speaking of dreaming...I have been dreaming of Hunter a lot lately! lol I will be perfectly fine and haven't cried in a while then I wake up to those dreams! And I ball my eyes out! I pray everyday my mom and sis and Nick stay strong :(. They need all the prayers they can get!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Taking On New Challenges

I have been enjoying my new job and working from home. Let me just say it is not as easy as it looked... It is hard until you get the hang of it! Selling life insurance is not very hard, but doing it over the phone is a feat. People are scammed all the time and they do not trust you. You have to build that trust and pray they have a bank account to get it all done right then and there. If not you play the calling game again which may have taken you four weeks to get a hold of that person in the first place! But I do make good money when I sell. And I just cannot beat working from home! It is great to not have my back hurt anymore from driving an hour to work each way and sitting in a desk chair for eight and a half hours or more. It is great. My stress level is done. I still stress about actually making money each day but I am getting there! It takes practice and perseverance to get to any goal.

I have started reading a new self help book called "Success Built to Last" and it has gave me some great insight. It says you have to love what you do! I do not necessarily love this job yet but I am sure the better I get at it I will love it more. I am helping people get protected against the high cost of funerals so that is a plus! I am selling piece of mind lol. Anyways, back to selling!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Work to do!

Well I have some serious work to do in a lot of departments!  I have now resigned from my job at the USDA-which I am VERY happy about.  I really did not enjoy that job.  It was depressing and it was eating at my personality.  If you have to be mean and firm with people all day long at work you start to be that way all day long!  I was very unhappy with the job.  And I drove an hour each way to and from work.  So my hubby and I will be saving a ton of money in that department. 

So now I am going to be selling whole life insurance from home.  That's right!  HOME.  Cannot wait to start this new adventure and maybe make a ton of cash in the process!  So stoked.  So next week Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I am going to train then I will be set free to call elderly peeps to sell them some insurance. 

I feel as if I will actually be helping people now.  I was 'supposed' to feel like that at the last job but I didn't feel that way.  Those people were sometimes being robbed blind and led astray.  It's terrible how those loans are supposed to government loans to help people live the American dream.  It's not a dream at all.  It is a nightmare for rural America right now and people are in desperate need of help and jobs.  They are losing their homes STILL after the recession starting in 2008.  Also, let me just give you some examples of the things I saw:  they give a 33 year loan to a 65 year old, they give loans to people who are not even offically citizens, they give $150,000 to 20 year olds.  Because they do not discriminate.  They are the government.  Well the 65 year old dies before their loan is paid off, the unofficial citizen gets deported, and the 20 year old runs out of child support after their children are 18 and cannot afford the home anymore.  And you can only imagine who pays for that crap when it falls through.  This is our government people.  It's awful.  It is happening all the time. 

Anyways!  New job, new frame of mind, new diet & exercise plan is coming.  I am going to go back on my organic perfect 10 diet and I am going to use the time that I drove to and from work to workout!  Going to do some P90X.  Because I have officially gained back everything I lost last year.  I am not very proud of that but it has to be said :(.  I cut out too many things on that yeast free diet.  It made me ill!  I got kidney stones, a urinary tract infection, and my hair fell out!!!  It's my own fault though.  I was only eating meat, veggies, nuts, and eggs.  Come to find out later I am allergic to eggs and it did not do any good to do the yeast free while eating a food I am sensitive to.  GREAT.  So this time I am not cutting out eggs and dairy right away.  But eventually I will for a few months.  Then I will try to reintroduce.  But I am almost positive I will be sensitive to milk forever.  Always been lactose intolerate...

So I have to work on getting my new profession down, sticking to a diet, and exercising from now on!  It's not going to be easy but I have to do something.  I am totally chubbo again lol.  But totally excited about my new freedom!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Blog Idea??

Okay so I have been thinking of a way to 'talk' with my girl friends about female problems.  I know it's not appropriate on Facebook so I think I may start a new blog talking about all that no-no stuff that guys don't want to hear & women need to talk about more to see if it happens to others!  Right now I am struggling with infertility.  I just wonder how many other women have issues the first time?  I also have lots of issues with yeast!  And not the good kind lol.  Thoughts??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Well I fought that cold off that week that I blogged...but Phoenix came to visit again and I did end up with it!! Ugh full force cold.  It was awful.  Thank God for the snow day Thursday because I was pretty bad!  Friday I did go into work only because I felt so bad about not working...I didn't work the Friday before because of stomach issues, Monday was a holiday, Tuesday I had already requested off, and then the snow day Thursday.  I ended up going home early Friday so the total hours worked last week was 12.75...pretty sad!  But I did get a lot accomplished on my house well--maybe Rob did all of it & I just did a little painting & cleaning up after him.  But it looks so great!!!  I will post pics soon.  Everything is on schedule for the Pampered Chef party for Sunday just have to work my butt off on Saturday to get all the last minute painting done.  I am excited to get it ALL done and take some really great pics. 

I swear I have the most random crazy things happen to me all the time!  So Thursday night was like the coldest night of the year!  The low was 2 degrees.  I was feeling a lil chilly so I went to go turn up the heat on my digital theromstat.  Apparently I had some static in my finger and ended up frying my digital screen!  Who does that happen to?  So silly!  So my lifesaver & neighborhood handyman cousin Rob had to save the day after he got back from his hockey game at 1:30 am!  Thank God for my infarred heater or else I would have been sleeping at Mom's.  I piled on the blankents!  Rob said it got down to 50 something in the house by the time he got there to replace my thermostat.  Now I have a non-digital thermostat so I cannot fry it with my static charged finger lol. 

Ok I got off subject!  The cold ended up turning into a sinus infection and I decided to go to the Walgreen's Take Care Clinic to get some suggestions as to how to clear it up.  I told the nurse practitioner my issue with antibiotics & how I wished to steer clear of them.  She suggested netti pots (spelling??) to push fluid through your sinuses & clean it out.  I got the Walgreen's brand and I really like it.  It's a pretty weird feeling but I feel better after using it.  The NP also suggested mucinex, sudafed, & flonase which I taking.  She said the cold could have been caused from an allergen and the flonase would help.  The allergen is probably all the dust & mold from my home remodeling projects!  It's pretty disgusting what you find under 30 year old walls.  Yucky stuff.  So anyways I am antibiotic free and almost sinus infection free!  Hopefully everyone knows the dangers of taking too many antibiotics from my story!  I am seriously ill all the time: tired, stomach problems, headaches, sinus problems, allergies, dry eyes, dry skin, etc...the list goes on people.  Be careful and know that doctors that are pill-pushers could be getting incentives from the drug companies and only prescribe something to get the incentives.  Even though it is illegal you know that it still happens.  Do not be naive people!  Be careful what you put in your body and expose yourself to.  It all has an affect and it all adds up in the end.  Stay healthy!!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Us vs. Infertility

Well it's the New Year :).  Hopefully it will top last year!  I have gotten back on my diet as 1/3/11 and I have been going strong except for the occasional soda when I am sleepy.  No dairy or eggs either :).  I have been taking my new probiotics and they are working pretty far so good.  I have been taking a ton of vitamin c because I am fighting a cold. 

I have been having pains in my ovaries so I went to the doctor the last week of December.  He said to get an ultrasound to check for ovarian cysts.  I had the ultrasound Thursday and got my results today...completely normal lol.  Well that didn't help my pain or infertility any...what a waste of a near bladder explosion hehe! 

In other news I have been busy getting the bathroom stuff together to get my bathroom done.  How exciting :).  I can't wait to have a mold-free bathroom!  The old lady who lived here before us didn't clean very well and I am still unable to get it off!  Yuck!  I had to special order my bathtub because we have a tiny bathroom.  Normal tubs are 60 inches...ours is only 54 inches.  Good thing I am short!  I am hoping the tub comes in before the weekend.  I put my home repairs on a time budget with a Pampered Chef party 1/30.  I will be cutting it close but I am so ready to have a normal clean house :).  I have been here almost 2 years in April!  Wow I am behind schedule.  Then we still have to do the upstairs :(.  Ugh it never ends!