Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The New Year is Coming!!

I am excited about the new year :).  Hoping we will finally have a baby.  A friend of mine had a premonition that we would get pregnant, find out in January, and have a baby girl in September.  Blonde hair and hazel eyes!  How strange and very specific!  I pray it's true!  I have been taking my new supplement, but the diet is not on right now.  Christmas was great!  It was 3 days of food and presents!  LOL.  Phoenix had 4 days of presents!  It was nice to be able to take our time with each family because usually we have to fit 3 Christmas' into 2 and a half days.  It's ugly and rushed!  But it was very nice this year.  OH! I finally got my puppy!  He is such a doll.  His name is Bo!  I hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmas!  Happy New Years!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Been a While!

So just realized I hadn't posted anything in a long time.  I started back up on the diet and quit again after about 5 days.  My hormones just get so out of whack and I am afraid of losing my hair again to do it I think.  It's all in my head!  So I will just continue eating junk and feel horrible about it for now until I get my motivation and determination back that I had before.  I was so determined to kick the Candida that when it didn't happen and I got sicker because of the diet I decided it wasn't worth it and life is too short to be so deprived.  So I have gained back 15 pounds of the 45 I lost and I am pretty upset about that but it's not a big deal because I feel healthier now.  No kidney stones, urinary tract infections, or hair loss.  Just tiredness and chronic yeast infections.  Occasionally I take the Hydrogen Peroxide treatment to stop the yeast infections but it it only temporary.  Just really discouraged right now :(.  And we still are not pregnant which is really frustrating also!  With God's blessing I trust it will happen soon!  I pray everyday to get better and become a mother!  I found a new treatment for the Candida and I will trying that soon.  It a probiotic supplement called Symbion.  I pray it works!!!  I need some relief from the exhaustion.  Lately been a little stressed out about work also because of my Spanish calls.  They are not going well so I have to undergo training before I get to take or make the calls again.  Stressing me out because I have been doing this for 2 years and now they decide to do something about it?  Just because I made an error on one call.  Hopefully things will get better!  I am so excited to get my new puppy that I could scream!  I love dachshunds and I have been wanting another one since Lex.  I love Christmas and I hope it's a good one this year (without any tears!).  Merry Christmas!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

I am excited to be blogging from my new iphone!! It's pretty sweet. Had a good weekend...but I did stray from my diet :(. And I am paying for it by being too sleepy! I slept 9 hours the last 2 nights. Wow. I have also been slacking on my peroxide :(. But I got my kitchen painted finally and hopefully my cuz will get my cabinets hung soon!!! Can't wait. Dishwasher for me! Hunter came home Saturday so that is great news also. I have to go see his smiling face later today!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Just in a state of disbelief with Hunter's situation...we had no idea how bad it was!  Feeling heartbroken and I am crying about once a day right now :(.  After work I am going to visit him and my sis.  I cannot imagine the things she is going through and I know she is stronger than I am.  Is it really better to have love and lost?  I wonder.  Lucas and I are going to try for a wee one this weekend again...wish us luck!  We need a positive thing to look forward to after all this grief.  Thank God Hunter is still here with us to enjoy for now...which we will do all we can!  Hopefully God will let us keep him for a while!  Happy hunting everyone.

Monday, November 8, 2010


The benefit went so well this weekend, we were all surprised to hear the total!  Just know Jesus took care of Hunter for a while :). 

The diet has been sticking and I have been doing very well.  Back down to my weight that I was when I stopped dieting in August.  Yes it's been THAT long!  Wow. 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

back on track!!!

So I am offically going back on my diet today!  I am going to kick this Candida's ass!  Hopefully I will feel better and have more energy.  I need some for the benefit this weekend & painting my kitchen!  So excited to get my kitchen done.  It has been a long time coming. 

Friday, October 29, 2010

Beggining a New Blog

Ok so I have been having too many problems with my health!  I decided to blog to get myself motivated to get back to eating right and finally get rid of problems.  I have Candida and have been struggling with it for over 2 years now.  Today I have not been eating right again and it really affects me.  I am very sleepy and unmotivated!  I have been doing peroxide and I actually forgot that this morning also!  So I am really on a roll today.  Hopefully I can have some self control this weekend!