Lucas & Jenn Riley

Lucas & Jenn Riley

Sunday, October 26, 2014

WELL... It is that time again!  Time for me to update the blog and keep up with this dang thing!  A LOT has happened in 2 years!  I have a toddler who is so super adorable and fills our home FULL of laughter and fun.  He is such a blessing! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Xavier Matthew Riley 8.10.12

It's been a while since I have posted again.  I always say I will keep up with this thing and never do lol.  A lot of things have changed since I last posted!  That was 10 months ago.  I did get a job with Check Into Cash and worked there from February through August.  I met a lot of fun people and enjoyed my time there waiting for baby to arrive.  My pregnancy seemed pretty fast but slow at the same time; if that makes any sense.

About 32 weeks in I went on a business trip to Lexington, KY for training.  It was so unbearably hot!  I ended up getting so swollen.  It was awful.  I met another manager there who was due about a week after me.  We pigged out at restaurants together!  But I also started getting dizzy spells. 

At my next appointment I saw a different doctor than my own, because she was on her honeymoon, and he diagnosed me with PIH or pregnancy induced hypertension.  I was having dizzy spells because my blood pressure and heart rate were running very high!  I was prescribed a blood pressure medicine.  My blood pressure and swelling continued to get worse and by the end of the pregnancy it was out of control -- even with the meds.  My final doctor's appointment on Thursday, August 9th, it was 159/100 I think.  So I was sent to the hospital to be induced.

My doc told me before leaving the office that it was very likely I would have a c-section because my pelvis was not favorable and baby was very high.  It was scary to hear that but it did prepare me a little.  So I went to have my 'final' meal at Qdoba which wound up being free when the guy at counter heard that :).  So sweet!  I went to the hospital and got settled and they started the cytotec around 3 pm.  We sat around and waited.  I got another dose at 9 pm.  At 3 am they started the pitocin. 

About 12 pm the next day, Friday, August 10th, they broke my water which so unbelievably painful!!!!!  At 3 pm I got the epidural because the contractions were becoming uncomfy and I was not progressing any.  They thought the epi might help with that.  Well it did not!  At 7 pm I was still at a 4.  So the doc came in and said we will need to do a c-section before the baby gets stressed out. 

So they start to prepare me for surgery...and I start to freak out.  Last time someone in our family had a c-section the baby went to the NICU...  Hunter's story is a scary one.  Mom and I cried :(.  The family left and it was just Lucas and I and the staff.  The anesthesiologist came in to give me more epi for the surgery.  She put the new drugs in.  I got the feeling like I was going to pass out!  She pull some of the catheter out and there was blood in it.  The catheter had moved!  So they had to rip all the tape off my back and replace the catheter. 

They took me back to the OR.  The doc started cutting on me.  I could totally FEEL it!  OMG.  I told them but nothing was done.  The doc started yanking on the baby...  I freaked out!  I could really feel it now.  I was hurting Lucas' hand so bad he wanted them to do something too.  LOL.  I could still move my legs too so they had to do something.  The doc gave the okay and the anesthesiologist gave me another dose. 

I passed out and started snoring (according to my hubby).  They woke me up when Xavier came out and started crying.  I could hear him crying.  And I could hear Lucas telling me how much he looked like him :).  I was so freaking drugged out of my mind that I honestly did not care what was going on...  I missed Lucas' reaction :(.  He even brought Xavier over to me and I was like yeah cool...there's a baby.  How awful. 

Xavier was born August 10, 2012, at 8:02 pm at 8 lbs 10 oz 21 inches long.  He is a beautiful little guy.  We are so in love :).  Thank you Jesus for our blessing.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Job Hunting!

I am looking for a new job...  because Lucas and I have absolutely no health insurance.  It will be pretty rough to go through a pregnancy without insurance.  So I am trying my darndest to get a new job.  I am scared of getting into something I will hate again...  so I am being very picky.  I was supposed to go for an interview with a temp agency Friday for a Bilingual CSR position.  I decided it would not be worth my time in the end!  The temp period would be about 3 months...then IF they hire me after that it would be a 90 day wait for benefits...  Which would take me to the birth of baby.  And the recruiter actually told me I may not get hired because I would be 6 mos prego at the time...  So really not worth the time...and I would have had to drive to Westport.  God sure picked a GREAT time for me to get prego, huh?  just kidding, lol.  I know everything happens for a reason in His time but it sure is going to be tough when I REALLY start showing.  I can hide it now...but another month I will not be able to...  PRAY for me ;). 

I will be continuing my search and turning in app after app to  My hubby sometimes comes home and asks me what I did all day and I tell him applied for jobs.  It really does take a lot of time to find the right job, email or submit the resume, and/or fill out the long-ass surveys about my background which is ALL located on my freaking resume if they would just look.  Anyone who has known me long knows that I have quite the list of previous employers.  I have worked at the most 4 jobs at a time for a couple months.  I am a hard worker and do my best to keep my lifestyle the way I prefer it.  I know all that will change with the new baby...but I am sure going to try!  My spending habits will switch from myself to baby stuff :).  That's okay with me after a year and half of trying ;). 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby bump :)

Well baby Riley is starting to show! I am so excited! And I am almost out of the 1st trimester! Woohoo! Here is a pic. The weenie had to get in on the pic action ;). He is my baby for now!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Riley 8.13.12

Well I have not updated in a while because I have been busy...  making a baby!!!!  We are pregnant & due 8/13/12.  We are so excited!  Everyone is excited along with us :).  We found out with a positive pregnancy test on 12/10/11.  Our first ultrasound was 12/23/11 and we got a picture as you can see!  Anyways I will be busy cooking baby ;).

Friday, August 5, 2011


Yup it's 4 am and I'm awake! It feels kinda eerie! Like when I was awake all night when hunter passed! Mom got me all freaked out because she called me and said, "Did you hear the explosion?". And I was of course sleeping so no! She said the red barn at the bottom of the hill exploded! She's like you can feel the heat & see the light from your house. I did hear an explosion after she called. And I saw the light from my house. Dad's combine is gone :(. How very sad :(. He only got to use it one season I believe. He just got it last year in august. We were at the state fair and he couldn't stand it that they were delivering his combine and we weren't home lol. So pray the insurance company covers everything! Hopefully it wasn't arson! I would be very upset! I still keep hearing the sirens go off! It's bad! I pray the firefighters get it under control. There are a ton of other bales around there to catch fire! And mom said the heat is really bad. Hopefully it won't destroy other things like the siding on my parent's house. How crazy! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Job Search

Well I have 3 interviews tomorrow!  Hopefully I find something.  I like this job I am doing now but the income is just not there...  We are struggling!  So I am praying something turns out.  Without anymore overhead because I cannot afford it. 

I also found another job to do from home called AmeriPlan.  It's a medical discount plan.  So I signed up and we kinda sorta have health insurance now!  That is exciting!  So I will be trying to sell these plans now.  I hope I get to help people.  And make some extra money!  :)  If you are interested in any of those plans you can visit my website:  or if you are interested in doing it for extra money:

I am bummed that I could not make it to the Timeless Keepsakes meeting tonight, again.  Last meeting was the day that Hunter passed so that was a good reason.  This time it's because we have Phoenix and Lucas had to leave for work for 8:30 because he is working midnights.  I am going to stop by there after my first interview tomorrow though because it's in Chesterfield.